Vinyl Powder Free Gloves



  • Vinyl PF Gloves protect against bacteria, and other harmful substances whilst also having a wide variety of uses.
  • Non-sterile; Ambidextrous; Single-use gloves
  • Vinyl is a synthetic, non-bio-degradable, protein-free material made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and plasticizers. Since vinyl gloves are synthetic and non-biodegradable, they have a longer shelf life than latex gloves, which often start to break down over time.
  • Made in China, but imported from Moldova hence the writing on the box is in Romanian
    Coming with a sticker in English
  • There are 100 Vinyl PF Gloves in each box clear colour
  • EN 374-2; EN 420; EN 455

Prices start from £65 box of 10 packs of 100 gloves – £6.50 each
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